What are the components of AC contactor ?

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AC contactor mainly consists of four parts:

(1) Electromagnetic system, including attraction coil, moving iron core and static iron core;

(2) Contact system, which includes three vice-contacts and two normally open and two normally closed auxiliary contacts, is connected with the moving iron core and interacts with each other.

(3) Arc extinguishing devices, generally large capacity AC contactors are equipped with arc extinguishing devices, in order to quickly cut off the arc, avoid burning the main contacts;

(4) Insulation housing and accessories, various springs, transmission mechanism, short circuit rings, connection posts, etc.

AC contactor is a kind of contactor, its typical structure is divided into two breakpoint direct drive (LC1-D/F*) and single-break rotation (LC1-B*). AC contactor and relay control circuit combination, remote control or interlocking related electrical equipment.

Uses of AC contactor: Connecting and breaking AC circuit, can play a remote control, motor forward and reverse control.

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