What are the characteristics of the materials used to make transparent meter boxes?

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Transparent meter boxes usually use the following materials, each with unique characteristics:


Polycarbonate (PC): It has high transparency, impact resistance and weather resistance, is not easy to yellow, and is suitable for outdoor environments. PC material is also flame retardant and complies with safety standards for electrical equipment.


Acrylic (PMMA): has good transparency, gloss and rigidity, but relatively poor impact resistance. Acrylic is often used in transparent display boxes in indoor environments.


Polystyrene (PS): Light, transparent, relatively low cost, but poor in impact resistance and weather resistance, it is generally suitable for some indoor applications with low requirements.


Polypropylene (PP): has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance, but relatively poor transparency. Usually used in some occasions requiring higher corrosion resistance.


When selecting materials, factors such as transparency, impact resistance, weather resistance, and chemical stability need to be considered to meet the usage environment and safety standards of the meter box.

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