The selection of raw materials for distribution box is very important

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How to select the raw materials of distribution box with good cost performance is the first consideration of component enterprises. Most enterprises pay more attention to whether the manufacturer's products have passed relevant international certification when selecting explosion-proof junction box. The products certified according to German TUV certification or British UL certification are selected by the company first, However, how to effectively apply many raw materials to the manufacturing of wiring terminals of explosion-proof control box and make it an excellent commodity is the most difficult problem for Chengdu distribution cabinet company.


First, let's understand the function of the junction box of the distribution box, draw the current in the photovoltaic module, make it better connected with other equipment, facilitate installation, protect the electrical appliances of the photovoltaic module, prevent water vapor from entering, and make the explosion-proof distribution box conductive, resulting in potential safety hazards. For the working battery board, it can conduct heat more strongly. About 3 points that the explosion-proof junction box must have sealing, temperature resistance, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, light, simple, convenient installation and other characteristics, we should ensure that the use period is in line with the provisions of the component life.


When we design the structure of metal materials, we always hope to reduce the volume as much as possible while meeting the material mechanical properties. In the failure analysis of welded structures, fatigue performance failure is the most important factor. Therefore, when considering reducing the quality of welded parts, we should consider the relationship between fatigue characteristics and hardness. Therefore, a new definition of fatigue density ratio is cited, that is, fatigue limit and hardness ratio. This ratio is expressed in Greek. The enterprise is mpam3 / kg.

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