The factors affecting the sealing of outdoor rainproof distribution box are introduced

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The sealing ring of the distribution box is a good protection. The sealing ring plays a very important role in protecting the protection grade of the outdoor rainproof distribution box. For a long time, the continuity of the protection level depends on the characteristics of the sealing ring. Fix the sealing ring in the correct position. EPDM material plays a good protective role in resisting most of the widely used chemicals because of its excellent Xiu chemical corrosion resistance. However, the chemical corrosion resistance of the sealing ring also varies greatly according to its material, so the direct reaction between the chemical composition and the sealing ring is a Xiao way to confirm the effect.


The performance of outdoor rainproof distribution box varies according to the material of different sealing rings, which determines the protection degree of electrical sealing box. When selecting the sealing ring, compare the elasticity of each material component, the impact when contacting with many chemicals, and the impact when cold and hot. It is only when the same kind of material is used to seal the outdoor distribution box, can it have a good resistance to rain.


The distribution box is a low Yi level control and protection facility in the power system, and it is a link to ensure the full operation of the power system. It has a great chance to contact with workers, but because of its large number, wide distribution and mostly low-value products, it is often ignored by the equipment power department, so that many distribution boxes are out of control, resulting in incomplete factors and increasing the risk of personal electric shock and electrical fire. Therefore, we should pay attention to the selection and use of distribution box.


In some places with fire and explosion hazards and distribution lines that may be overloaded for a long time, the distribution box should be equipped with overload protection devices. The allowable carrying capacity of insulated wires and cables of distribution lines should be greater than 1% of the rated current of fuse melt or the setting current of long-time-delay overcurrent tripping of automatic switch. 25 times. Strict management and correct use of distribution boxes are indispensable measures to reduce electrical accidents in the city. To do a good job in their management and use, we need to implement the principles of hierarchical management and line management, clarify the system and take their own responsibilities.

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