The distribution box manufacturer tells you how to identify the aging degree of electrical equipment

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In recent years, the incidence rate of electrical fires has been very high, and the causes of electrical fires include aging of machinery and equipment, short circuit fault, overload, looseness, etc. Among them, aging of electrical equipment is the key cause of electrical fires. Therefore, if you want to prevent people from electrical fire, you must learn to identify the aging degree of electrical equipment and take effective preventive measures. The distribution box manufacturer below will show you several ways to identify the aging degree of electrical equipment for your reference.


1、 The manufacturer of the distribution box thinks that it can infer how long it has been used according to the production date of electrical equipment calibration.


2、 The insulation layer capacity of electrical equipment shall be inspected. If the insulation layer capacity is reduced to an unacceptable level, it can be determined that it is already aged and cannot be used again. This usually needs to be checked by an ammeter to get accurate data information.


3、 The electrical equipment inside the building can be determined according to the long era of engineering construction. If a house has not been newly modified after decoration, its internal wire is still the power plug during construction. From the date of completion, we can infer how long the wires have been used and how old they are. In addition, if the electrical equipment in the engineering building has just started to open at the same time as the building, the application period and aging degree can also be inferred.


4、Observe the surface of electrical equipment, and find out that there are such conditions as the node is not solid, the wire mouth is off, the thickness of the protective layer of the insulation layer is damaged, cracked, the support point of the insulation layer falls off, and there is an abnormal smell in the operation of electrical equipment, which indicates that the machine and equipment are already aging. At this time, the machine and equipment should be stopped immediately for maintenance. Under such circumstances, one should never neglect to do anything, otherwise a disaster may occur.

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