The characteristics of explosion-proof power distribution box are detailed

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With the rapid development of petroleum, chemical, military, engineering, factories and mines, mining and other industries, explosion-proof distribution box is more and more widely used in production, storage and rescue, with more and more varieties. How to prevent the accidental explosion of explosion-proof distribution box has become a very important problem in explosive gas dangerous places.

As the explosion-proof distribution box will inevitably produce electric sparks when working, once they meet with the explosive gas mixture at the production or rescue site, it will lead to explosion accidents, directly endangering the life safety of national property and citizens. Therefore, as a widely used explosion-proof equipment, its explosion-proof technology has already attracted people's attention. The following Chongqing power distribution box to introduce the characteristics of explosion-proof power distribution box and use precautions.

Features of explosion proof power distribution box:

1. The shell of explosion-proof power distribution box is made of ZL102 aluminum alloy die casting or steel plate welding, with high-voltage electrostatic spraying on the surface and stainless steel exposed fasteners. The product has beautiful appearance.

2. Explosion proof power distribution box is well designed, safe and easy to use.

3. Box drawings can be provided by customers and manufacturers.

4. The explosion-proof lighting (power) distribution box adopts composite module structure, and each circuit can be assembled freely according to needs. The general switch box adopts explosion-proof structure, and the bus box and outlet box adopt increased safety structure.

5. The built-in components can be installed with high voltage circuit breaker or moulded case circuit breaker according to user's requirements. Such as DZ47, C65, dz158, NM1, CM1, etc.

6. Can be customized according to customer requirements, such as the installation of surge protector, ammeter, voltmeter, etc., can be equipped with padlock metal handle.

7. It is suitable for lighting and power lines. It has the functions of breaking, overload, loss of voltage protection and short circuit automatic cut-off.

8. It meets the requirements of GB3836-2000 and iec60079. Dangerous places in explosive gas environment: Zone 1 and zone 2; Combustible gas and vapor grade: IIA, IIb; Temperature group: T1 ~ T4; Combustible dust environment zone 20, 21, 22; Indoor and outdoor (IP54).

This product is compound type, switch box adopts flameproof structure, bus box and outlet box adopt increased safety structure. The shell is made of cast aluminum alloy, which is equipped with high breaking miniature circuit breaker or molded case circuit breaker. There are C45, C65, CM1 to choose from. It has the function of overload and short circuit protection. Special requirements can be made. Steel pipe or cable wiring can be used. It meets the requirements of GB3836-2000, IEC60079, GB12476.1-2000 and IEC61241.

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