Structural features of transparent meter box

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Structure features of transparent meter box:

  1. The plastic transparent meter box adopts the integrated design concept, with beautiful overall shape, smooth and bright appearance, well proportioned, reasonable structure, obvious separation area for power supply management and user operation, and firewall set in the instrument room and switch room to improve the fire and defense performance.
  2. The connection between the upper cover and the bottom shell adopts the slider to fasten the groove of the base, and the lower part is equipped with special screws, lead seals (plastic) and padlocks. Only with the help of the special key can the power management personnel open, which really achieves the function of prevention. The sealing performance between the upper cover and the bottom shell is good, which can prevent rainwater and dust from entering.
  3. The bottom shell is made of pc70% + abs30% mixed alloy material, and the top cover is made of imported full transparent polycarbonate (PC). The power management personnel can directly see the abnormal situation in the box, which is convenient for management.
  4. The inlet and outlet holes of the meter box are designed with the scheme of "multiple blind holes", which is convenient for users to install the inlet and outlet lines according to their needs. All the inlet and outlet holes are equipped with special rubber bands that are waterproof, dustproof and prevent small animals from entering.
  5. The box has high insulation strength, and no flashover, breakdown or flashover occurs under the condition of power frequency of 50hz2000v for one minute.
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