Split Meter Ready Board manufacturers remind you of wiring diagrams and signs of Split Meter Ready Boards

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Split Meter Ready Board manufacturers strongly recommend that you carefully follow the following guidelines regarding wiring diagrams and markings when installing and using Split Meter Ready Boards:


Wiring diagram:


Connect cables and wires strictly according to the official wiring diagram provided. Don't change or ignore any connections.

Before doing any wiring, make sure the power supply is turned off to avoid the risk of electric shock.

If you are not sure about the wiring diagram or how to connect it, please consult a professional electrician or technical support.



Use standard electrical symbols and markings to identify various electrical components and switches. This helps quickly identify and locate problems during troubleshooting or maintenance.

Markings should be clearly visible and avoid blurred or damaged labels.

Each switch and circuit breaker within the Split Meter Ready Board should be clearly marked to indicate its function and connections.

Proper wiring diagrams and markings are critical to the safe and reliable operation of electrical systems. If you have any concerns or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Split Meter Ready Board manufacturer or a professional electrician for help and advice. Failure to follow proper wiring and marking guidelines can result in electrical failure, fire, or other serious problems.

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