Small power distribution unit factory analyzes the causes of small power distribution unit fires

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There are many causes of small power distribution unit fires, common ones include:

Electrical failure: Failure or aging of the internal components of the small power distribution unit leads to electrical problems such as short circuits and overloads, which may cause fires.

Line failure: Problems such as poor wire contact, aging insulation, overloading, etc. may cause the line to heat up and cause a fire.

External short circuit: Short circuits caused by external factors such as lightning strikes, animals chewing wires, etc. may also cause fires.

Overload and overheating: Prolonged overload use or overheating of electrical equipment may cause excessive heat in wires, sockets and other components, causing fires.

Human factors: Improper operation, random wiring, use of inferior electrical appliances and other human factors may also cause fires.

Factories need to perform regular maintenance and inspections on small power distribution units to ensure that the equipment is in good condition, promptly discover and eliminate potential safety hazards, and at the same time strengthen employee safety awareness training to reduce the risk of fires caused by human factors.

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