[Small Power Distribution Board with light] There are many places to use

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The Small Power Distribution Board with light is a device that is responsible for the control, protection, conversion and distribution of electric energy at the end of the low-voltage power supply system. It is mainly composed of wires, components (also including disconnectors, circuit breakers, etc.) and boxes. As long as the building needs lighting facilities, lighting distribution lines and power distribution equipment are required. Generally speaking, when the lighting lines have more than two circuits (separate control and protection), power distribution is required. The equipment for power distribution is the Small Power Distribution Board with light.

The setting occasions of Small Power Distribution Board with lights used in general buildings are: general floor Small Power Distribution Board with lights, general floor area lighting boxes (such as distribution boxes on each floor of office buildings and residential buildings); Distribution boxes are used in functional areas (such as large restaurants, business and meeting places, coffee shops, lobbies, etc.); Distribution box for indoor use (indoor distribution box in residence, distribution box in hotel guest room, etc.); The distribution box for lighting metering can generally be used together with the distribution box on the floor or in the functional area; Distribution box for public lighting and emergency lighting (set according to the needs of the building); Distribution box used for building outdoor landscape (such as flood lighting, landscape lighting, etc.).

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