Security Measures For Construction Of Pv Combiner Box

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Security measures for construction of PV combiner box

Each regional project department should attach importance to safety, improve safety laws and regulations at all levels, implement measures, command and operate against rules.

Strengthen the management of electrical technicians, electricians work with certificates, and pass the safety technical training, and can take up the post after passing the examination.

Strengthen the publicity of safe use of electricity, enhance the electrical safety knowledge of all construction personnel, and know how to master the correct method of electric shock first aid.

Establish technical data of power utilization on construction site and test data information base, make inspection once a day, check every week, maintain every month, and make corresponding records.

The use of electrical equipment should be checked and accepted before use. The management, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment (power box, welding machine, mobile and hand-held electrical equipment) should be strengthened.

The erection of temporary power line shall be managed by special personnel at the construction site, and the approval form shall be issued by the project manager or project technical director. Strengthen the daily inspection and record of electrical equipment on the construction site, implement and implement the safety disclosure system.

Conscientiously implement electrical standards and regulations. Take technical measures to respond to temporary power consumption.

1) Strengthen the reasonable layout of power management on site, connect compensation capacitor to improve power factor.

2) Pay attention to balance the three-phase load of construction power lines. All unauthorized wiring is prohibited to destroy the three-phase load balance.

Do a good job in environmental control, make sure that there are warning signs around, and the distance from the high-voltage line should meet the safety requirements. The equipment layout should be reasonable and avoid to be arranged in the environment with damp, smog, hot, high temperature, and the presence of electric conductors and dangerous goods around.

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