Requirements of stainless steel distribution box for power distribution

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Requirements of stainless steel distribution box for low voltage distribution

a. When selecting low-voltage power distribution and stainless steel power distribution box equipment, in addition to the nominal voltage and frequency of the site network and the calculation current of the site circuit, the dynamic and thermal stability under short circuit conditions shall also be satisfied. The on-off protection device requesting to disconnect the short-circuit milliampere current shall be able to satisfy the on-off capacity under the short-circuit condition.

b. For the arrangement of power distribution equipment, the convenience of operation, handling, maintenance and experiment of the equipment shall be considered. There should be no open lighting or power line crossing over the exposed and electrified distribution equipment in the house (the distribution equipment with IP4X protection class enclosure on the top can be an exception).

c. When the length of low-voltage distribution panel exceeds 6m, the channel behind the panel shall have two outlets leading to the room or other rooms, which are scattered at both ends of the channel. When the interval between the two outlets of the stainless steel distribution box exceeds 15m, the channel width of the outlet o and its screen front J after quenching shall be increased, which shall not be less than the value given in table 7-1.

d. The exposed electrified body above the channel of low-voltage distribution room shall not be lower than the following values: 2.5m in the channel in front of the screen, the height can be lowered after adding the protective net, but the minimum height of the protective net is 2.2m; 2.3m in the channel behind the screen, otherwise, the protective net shall be added, and the height after the protective net shall not be lower than 1.9m.

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