Reasons for tripping of electrical ready board box

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To understand why the electrical ready board box trips, we need to check whether the circuit breaker is damaged. Secondly, check whether the circuit breaker wiring is correct. Incorrect and reconnect. Then, check the line insulation at the load side of the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker is short circuited to ground, it can be normally closed only after the fault is eliminated. In case of normal closing, a button on the leakage protector will pop up after tripping, and then it can be closed again. If there is leakage, it needs to be checked. At the same time, many leakage protectors also have circuit breakers. Take a look at the power and short circuit. If the leakage protector is broken, all the sockets in the home are divided into two leakage protectors, but one of them often trips. Later, the circuit was connected to another switch, and it was never skipped. The bad one, even if there is no current, will somehow trip after a period of time.

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