Reasons for Burn-out of Circuit Breakers

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It has little to do with the electrical appliances in the house. Perhaps the rated current of the circuit breaker is too small to be burned out by heating for a long time. Common households use single-phase 220V power supply, which requires the configuration of meters, power supply lead-in lines, total circuit breakers, breakers and indoor shunt wires must be matched according to the maximum load used.

1. There are electromagnetic ovens, 2kW, oven 1.8KW, microwave oven 1.5KW, etc. in the kitchen, but the probability of several electric appliances turning on at the same time is not very high. At this time, the total power of two of them is 3.5KW, the current of 1Kw is about 4.55A at single-phase 220V voltage, and the current of 3.5X4.55 is about 15.9A. The conductor chooses copper core 4-6 square wires for comparison. OK.

2. The bathroom bathroom bathroom has 4 lights on and 2KW. The current is about 9A. It is safer to choose copper core 2.5~4 square.

3. According to the common experience of living room and room air-conditioning, 2 pieces of living room and 2 rooms are 1.5 and 11.5 = 3 pieces, 5 pieces multiplied by 0.736 are about 3.7KW, and the current is about 17A. They'd better use 2.5 square copper cores to go in three routes to their distribution boxes.

4. The drinking machine or boiling kettle in the living room should be separated from the illumination and put a group of 2.5 square copper cores into the distribution box.

5. Lighting in the living room, LCD TV, computer, because the power is not large, the general current value is 0.2-0.4 kW, for safety, 1.5 square copper core wire can be installed.

The total current above is about 42A, so the maximum current of your metering meter must be about 50. The rated current of the total power 2P circuit breaker should be 63A circuit breaker, and the shunt circuit breaker should be 16-25 circuit breaker.

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