Production process of minimum supply kit (MSK)

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The production process of minimum supply kit (MSK) includes the following main steps:

Material preparation: First, you need to prepare the required materials according to the design drawings, including metal sheets, wires, electrical components, fasteners, etc.

Processing and forming: Cutting, bending, punching and other processing of the metal sheet according to the requirements of the design drawings to form parts such as box body, door panel and installation panel.

Welding and assembly: Weld and assemble the processed parts, including cabinets, door panels, mounting panels, electrical components, etc.

Powder coating: Surface treatment of the assembled minimum supply kit (MSK), such as rust removal, phosphating, etc., and then electrostatic powder coating to enhance the corrosion resistance and appearance quality of the minimum supply kit (MSK).

Electrical test: Conduct electrical tests on the assembled minimum supply kit (MSK), including insulation test, continuity test, leakage test, etc., to ensure that the electrical performance of the minimum supply kit (MSK) meets the requirements.

Packing and shipping: Pack and mark the qualified minimum supply kit (MSK)es, and then ship them to the place designated by the customer.

The above is the general production process of the minimum supply kit (MSK). The specific process of different manufacturers may be different, but the overall process is roughly the same.

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