Principle of Voltage Regulator

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    Because some electrical appliances contain coil components, the eddy current that impedes the current will be generated in the initial stage of power-on. The eddy current will weaken the instantaneous voltage when the electrical appliances start up, resulting in slow start-up, and will strengthen the instantaneous voltage after circuit breaking, which may cause spark damage to the circuit. At this time, a voltage regulator is needed to protect the normal operation of the circuit.

    The regulator is composed of voltage regulating circuit, control circuit and servo motor. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit sampled, compared and amplified. Then the servo motor is driven to rotate, so that the position of the regulator carbon brush can be changed. By automatically adjusting the coil turn ratio, the output voltage can be maintained stable. Voltage Compensation Principle for Voltage Regulator with Large Capacity

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