Precautions for correct use of small power distribution units

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The correct use of the small power distribution unit is an important part of ensuring electrical safety. The following precautions need to be followed. First, make sure the environment around the small power distribution unit is dry and ventilated, and keep away from flammable items to reduce the risk of fire. Secondly, do not modify or repair the small power distribution unit without permission. All repair work should be performed by professional electricians. Third, regularly check whether there are any abnormal phenomena in and around the small power distribution unit, such as leakage, odor, etc. If any problem is found, report it for repair in time. In addition, prevent the small power distribution unit from getting damp and avoid direct contact with rainwater. When using electrical equipment, distribute the load reasonably and do not overload it to prevent overheating of wires and causing fires. Finally, ask the power department to conduct safety inspections regularly to ensure that the small power distribution unit is in normal working condition. The correct use of small power distribution units can effectively prevent power accidents and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

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