Power meter provides reference for energy saving technology of intelligent building

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Through the transmission channel provided by the field equipment and communication system, the electric energy management system in the monitoring room completes the data collection of each electric circuit, analyzes and processes the information, and provides various forms such as reports and graphs for the duty personnel to refer to, so that the duty personnel can conveniently grasp the operation of the system and the use of electric energy, measure the electric energy by items, and timely find and correct the waste of electric energy And save electricity. When necessary, it can also provide fast remote control means to complete the change of equipment operation status and the handling of accident conditions. This paper gives a query table of the sub item measurement of the library's electric energy, which clearly shows the usage of the sub item's electric energy.

The system can realize the sub item measurement and time-sharing multi rate measurement of electric energy. It can not only display the real-time power consumption status, but also has the function of network communication. It can form the electric power monitoring and electric energy management system with computers. Realize the analysis and processing of the collected data, and generate all kinds of electric energy reports, analysis curves, graphs, etc., which is convenient for remote meter reading, analysis and research of electric energy, and provide reference for the energy-saving technology of intelligent buildings. The operation of the power meter is reliable and stable, and the use of high-definition LCD greatly facilitates the use of users. Electric instruments will play an increasingly important role in the management and measurement of electric energy in large public buildings.

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