Notes for Installation of Distribution Box

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1. Whether installing metal or plastic distribution boxes, whether using open or concealed packaging, the box body of distribution boxes must ensure integrity, and no part can be missing.

2. In order to protect the distribution box and make it insulating, zero line, grounding line and phase line should be set up separately in the box.

3. The base of the air switch should be installed in the position of dryness, good ventilation, no obstruction and easy to use.

4. Distribution boxes should not be installed in the boxes to avoid fire.

5. Installation position should not be too high to avoid inconvenience in normal use. Usually, the installation height of the distribution box can not exceed 1.8 meters, and the tube needs to be fixed with a locking nut.

6. Distribution boxes with openings should ensure the smoothness and smoothness of the edges of openings.

7. In order to ensure the beauty of decoration, it is necessary to install the distribution box vertically and horizontally into the wall and keep the 5-6mm gap edge.

8. Distribution box wiring should be neat and regular, so as to avoid finding the corresponding wiring, and each terminal should be screwed tightly.

9. Connections should not appear in the circuit inlet, and the length should not be too short. The circuit should be marked clearly after installation.

10. Clean up the excess material in the box after installation.

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