Installation principles of residential electrical end boards

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The installation of residential electrical end boards should follow the following principles:

Safety: The electrical end board should be installed in a well-ventilated, dry and easily accessible place, away from flammable materials and water sources. National and local electrical safety standards should be followed to ensure correct wiring and reliable grounding.

Convenience: The installation location should be convenient for maintenance and reading of the meter, and should not be blocked by furniture or other obstacles. Also, make sure it's easy to find in an emergency.

Legality: Install the electrical end board in compliance with local laws, regulations and building codes to avoid violating any relevant regulations.

Protection: The electrical end board should be installed in a protective cover or enclosure to prevent damage or interference to the meter from external objects or the environment.

Aesthetics: Try to choose a place where the installation location does not affect the beauty of the interior decoration, or integrate the electrical end board with the indoor environment through decorative measures.

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