How to use the small power distribution unit (ready board) for safe anti-leakage operation?

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The following points need to be paid attention to when using the small power distribution unit (ready board) for safe anti-leakage operation:

Before any electrical maintenance or operation, you must ensure that the power supply in the small power distribution unit (ready board) is turned off, and you can use a voltmeter or test pen to test and confirm.

Use electrical safety equipment such as insulating gloves and anti-static shoes to prevent body contact with conductive parts.

Use electrical appliances in strict accordance with the specifications and load capacity of the small power distribution unit (ready board) to avoid circuit failures such as overloading and overloading.

Regularly check the lines and sockets in the small power distribution unit (ready board) to ensure that the plugs are tightly inserted, the plugs are not loose, and the sockets are not falling off or deformed.

Avoid using wires in series, and do not connect high-power electrical appliances to one socket to avoid safety accidents such as overload and short circuit.

When electrical problems are found, turn off the power in time and carry out maintenance. Do not perform open maintenance of electrical appliances to avoid electric shock accidents.

Through the above leakage prevention operations, personal safety can be guaranteed and electrical accidents can be prevented. At the same time, for those who use electrical appliances for a long time, it is also necessary to strengthen the study and training of electrical safety knowledge.

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