How to prevent fire in split meter ready board?

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Prevention of split meter ready board fire is a very important safety measure. Here are some suggestions for preventing electrical box fires:

Regular inspection: Regularly ask a professional electrician to check the split meter ready board to ensure that the lines and connections are in good condition to avoid fires caused by short circuits or overloads.

Do not pile up flammable materials: Make sure that no flammable materials are piled up around the split meter ready board to prevent fire sources from getting close to the split meter ready board.

Keep ventilation: The split meter ready board should be installed in a well-ventilated place to avoid fire caused by overheating.

Use qualified equipment: choose electrical equipment and accessories that meet safety standards, and avoid using inferior or counterfeit products.

Prevent random pulling and connecting of wires: Do not randomly pull wires or wiring, ensure that the connection is firm, and prevent short-circuiting of the wires.

Regular cleaning: regularly clean the split meter ready board and the surrounding dust and debris, keep it clean, and prevent dust from causing fires.

Following these precautions can effectively reduce the risk of electrical box fires and keep your home and workplace safe. In case of any problem, immediately ask a professional to check and repair it.

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