How to distribute the electrical box from the purpose?

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In terms of main use, the distribution box is generally used at home, while the distribution cabinet is used in the centralized power supply system, such as industrial power consumption and engineering construction power consumption. The distribution box and distribution cabinet belong to the complete set of equipment, the distribution box belongs to the complete set of bottom voltage equipment, and the distribution cabinet has high voltage and bottom voltage.

1. When starting the gas collector, the PLC sends out a command. Z first open a bank account, return the air inlet valve and the fresh air system door to the setting position, then start the forced draft fan, and then adjust the speed of the centrifugal fan according to the operation of the soft starter.

2. After the leakage point temperature is compared with the set value of the system software, use the PID method to adjust the electric control valve of cooling water and operate the total flow of cooling water to make the exhaust temperature reach the set value.

3. The speed of the speed of the forced draft fan is determined by comparing the air supply temperature with the set value of the system software, and then using the PID method to operate the soft starter, so as to adjust the speed of the centrifugal fan, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the air supply temperature.

4. When the pressure difference between the front and back of the filter screen exceeds the set value, the PLC sends out the filter blocking alarm system.

5. When the gas recoverer stops running, the fresh air system door, return air inlet valve and electric control valve of cold water respond to the fully closed position, and shut down the cold water ring pump for rectification.

From the appearance specification, the difference of Z foundation depends on the upper dimension. The power distribution cabinet is placed on the ground, with a large volume, such as the style of home refrigerator. The distribution box is as small as a small box fixed on the wall, and the two functions are the same. In function, the distribution cabinet can be equipped with various explosion-proof appliances or composed of various explosion-proof appliances, such as explosion-proof power (lighting) distribution box, explosion-proof electromagnetic induction driver, explosion-proof power maintenance box, etc; The distribution box can be used as internal window disconnector, AC contactor, thermal relay, button, display lamp and other components, which can be used as the main purpose of lighting lamps and power motor control system.

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