How To Distribute The Distribution Box Reasonably?

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How to distribute the distribution box reasonably?

1. When the distribution box is installed on the wall, it should be fixed with split bolt (expansion bolt). The bolt length is generally the sum of the embedded depth (75-150 mm), the thickness of the box bottom plate, the thickness of the nut and washer, plus the "head allowance" of about 5mm.

2. For smaller distribution boxes, wood bricks can also be embedded at the installation site (according to the location of the installation holes at the four corners of the distribution box or distribution board), and then fix the distribution box or distribution board at the wood brick with wood screws. The distribution box is installed in a concealed way, and the distribution box is embedded in the wall. When building the wall, the reserved hole should be about 20 mm larger than the length and width of the distribution box, and the reserved depth is the thickness of the distribution box plus the plastering thickness of the inner wall of the hole. When the distribution box is buried in masonry, the box can be fixed by filling concrete between the box and the wall

3. The distribution box shall be installed firmly, horizontally and vertically, and the vertical deviation shall not be greater than 3 mm; in case of concealed installation, there shall be no gap around the distribution box, the edge around the panel shall be close to the wall, and the contact part between the box and buildings and structures shall be coated with anti-corrosion paint.

4. The power line of the spiral fuse installed in the distribution box shall be connected to the terminal of the intermediate contact, and the load line shall be connected to the terminal of the screw thread. In this way, there will be no electric shock when handling the fusible core. Porcelain plug-in fuse shall be installed vertically.

5. The AC, DC or power supply with different voltage levels in the distribution box shall have obvious marks. The neutral line (N line) and protection neutral line (PE line) bus bars shall be set respectively in the lighting distribution box. The neutral line and protection neutral line shall be connected on the bus bar, and shall not be twisted and shall be numbered.

6.When the conductor is led out of the panel, the wire hole of the panel shall be smooth without burr, and the metal panel shall be equipped with insulation protection sleeve. The shell of metal shell distribution box is reliably grounded (connected to neutral).

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