How to classify power distribution cabinet and power distribution box? What are the selection schemes?

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Summary of basic knowledge of power distribution box -- Classification of power distribution box


Classification according to the requirements of power supply system:


1) Primary power distribution equipment is collectively referred to as power distribution center. They are centrally installed in the enterprise's substation and distribute electric energy to lower level distribution equipment in different locations. This level of equipment is close to the step-down transformer, so it has high requirements for electrical parameters and large output circuit capacity.


2) Secondary power distribution equipment is a general term for power distribution cabinet and motor control center. The power distribution cabinet is used in occasions with scattered load and few circuits; Motor control center is used for occasions with concentrated load and many circuits. They distribute the electric energy of a certain circuit of the upper level distribution equipment to the nearby load. This level of equipment shall provide protection, monitoring and control for the load.


3) The final power distribution equipment is generally called lighting power distribution box. They are far away from the power supply center and are scattered small capacity distribution equipment.


Summary of basic knowledge of power distribution box -- selection scheme of power distribution box


According to the No. 114 document of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the energy consumption data of large public buildings shall be classified and measured separately, and the electric energy shall be measured and managed separately according to power consumption, lighting and socket consumption, air conditioning consumption and special consumption. Therefore, dds1352 or ddsf1352 meters can be used for dormitories, shops, wards and other places that should be measured to the economic accounting unit;


Dds1352 single-phase electricity meter is used for single-phase electric energy measurement. It is installed on din35mm guide rail, with a width of 1 module (i.e. 18mm). It is connected to single-phase current 30A at one time, and the accuracy is level 1.0. The advantages are small size and low price. The disadvantages are that there is no communication function and can not be networked.


Ddsf1352 single-phase electricity meter is also installed on din35mm guide rail, with a width of 4 modules. The single-phase current for one-time access is 80A, and the accuracy is level 1.0. It has the function of time-sharing and complex rate measurement of peak, average and valley electric energy, with RS485 interface, MODBUS protocol or DL / T645 protocol, and can be networked. It is mainly used for the measurement of single-phase electric energy, which is commonly used in the distribution box.


Summary of basic knowledge of power distribution box -- application case of power distribution box


The electric energy itemized metering management system of the project adopts a three-layer network structure. The station control management layer is the direct window of human-computer interaction. Yanxiang industrial computer is used as the monitoring host, with LCD, printer and other equipment. When the power supply problem of the whole system occurs, UPS power supply can ensure the normal operation of the station control management layer equipment within a certain period of time. The communication management layer is mainly composed of communication server and switch. This layer is a bridge for data information interaction. It is responsible for collecting and transmitting the data information returned by the field equipment, and transmitting various commands from the upper computer to the field equipment. The power meters on the field equipment floor are mainly ACR series multi-function meters and ADL series guide rail meters. ACR series multi-function meters are selected for low-voltage incoming circuit and important feeder circuit, and ADL series guide rail meters are selected for ordinary feeder circuit, power box and lighting box to realize the itemized measurement of electric energy of each circuit and floor in the field.


The electric energy management system in the monitoring room completes the data collection of each power consumption circuit through the transmission channel provided by the field equipment and communication system. The information is analyzed and processed and provided to the operator on duty for reference in various forms such as statements and graphics, so that the operator on duty can easily grasp the operation of the system and the use of electric energy, measure the electric energy separately, and timely find and correct the waste of electric energy, So as to save electricity. When necessary, it can also provide fast remote control means to complete the change of equipment operation state and the treatment of accident conditions.

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