How to choose the circuit breaker in the home electrical ready board! ?

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When selecting a circuit breaker in your home's electrical ready board, you need to consider the load and safety requirements of your home's electrical system. Here are some suggestions for selecting a circuit breaker:

Current Capacity: Make sure the circuit breaker's rated current capacity is sufficient to meet the load demands of your home's electrical system. Check the ampere rating of your household electrical appliances and choose a circuit breaker that is slightly larger than the maximum load ampere to ensure safety.

Circuit breaker type: Select the appropriate circuit breaker type, such as short-circuit protection circuit breaker (MCB), leakage protection circuit breaker (RCD), etc. Different types of circuit breakers have different protection functions to ensure that the safety needs of the home electrical system are met.

Number of poles: Determine the number of circuit breaker poles required. Typically household electrical systems use 1-pole, 2-pole or 3-pole circuit breakers. Different pole numbers are suitable for different types of circuits.

Brand and quality: Choose a reliable brand and high-quality circuit breaker to ensure its stability and reliability. Purchase products that meet local standards and certifications to ensure they comply with safety regulations.

Rated short-circuit capacity: Ensure that the selected circuit breaker has sufficient rated short-circuit capacity to cope with sudden current surges and ensure that the system can quickly cut off power in the event of a short circuit.

When choosing a circuit breaker, if you are unsure, it is recommended to seek the advice of a professional electrical engineer to ensure compliance with the requirements of your home electrical system and local electrical safety regulations.

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