How much voltage is not suitable for pz30 terminal combination?

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Pz30 terminal combination device is suitable for terminal circuit of single-phase three wire or three-phase five wire with rated voltage of 220V or 380V and total load electric flow of no more than 100A, as a complete set of device for controlling electric equipment and protecting overload, short-circuit overvoltage and leakage. It can be widely used in high-rise buildings, hotels, residences, stations, port airports, hospitals, cinemas, large-scale commercial networks, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Main structural features

The main structural components of pz30 terminal combined electrical appliance are transparent cover, upper cover, box body, mounting rail, track height adjusting screw, conductive bar, wire guard cover and electrical switch elements, etc. All the switch elements of the built-in electrical appliances adopt the 9mm module wide electrical appliances, which are installed on the top hat shaped track. They can be combined as needed, and the height of the installation track can be adjusted, especially for the concealed type. Quick and convenient disassembly and assembly, exposed handle of switch element, electrified and other parts covered inside the upper cover, easy operation by opening the door, safe and reliable use, and access holes are set up on the top, bottom, left, right and back of the box for wiring.

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