High voltage distribution cabinet installation precautions

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Precautions for installation of high voltage distribution cabinet


The use of high voltage distribution cabinet not only facilitates daily management and maintenance, but also improves the security. Therefore, the distribution cabinet is widely used, from enterprise units, office buildings to residential quarters; Especially, the implementation of a household one table, many users installed the distribution cabinet. But after all, it is equipment, and then in the continuous use process, some problems that non professionals can deal with have affected the life and property safety of individuals and even groups. Therefore, the manufacturer of Chongqing distribution box reminds the masses or relevant persons of operation that strict steps and technical requirements must be followed when installing the distribution cabinet.


Precautions for installation of high voltage distribution cabinet


1、 The distribution cabinet shall be placed on the foundation section steel one by one according to the construction drawing during installation. The verticality adjustment of the cabinet surface and side of the individual cabinet can be solved by adding pad iron, but it can not exceed three pieces, and it can be welded firmly. After each set of the listed cabinets is in place, the levelness and deviation of the panel surface of the distribution cabinet shall be adjusted to meet the requirements of the construction specification.


2、 The box shall be embedded in the installation, and the panel after installation shall be flat with the wall; Wall mounted and distribution cabinet can be fixed on the wall with expansion bolts, but the dovetail bolts shall be embedded in hollow brick or block walls or fixed with pull bolts. After the adjustment of the distribution cabinet is finished, the cabinet body of the distribution cabinet shall be fastened with the foundation steel with bolts.


3、 The precautions for grounding of distribution cabinet are as follows: each distribution cabinet is connected with foundation steel separately. Copper wire can be used to reliably connect PE row and grounding bolt in the distribution cabinet, and spring washer must be added to prevent looseness. Each cabinet door shall be reliably connected with PE row with copper braided wire.


4、 When connecting the top of distribution cabinet with bus bar, it is necessary to use the bus supporting wrench to fasten according to the requirements, and the contact surface shall be coated with neutral Vaseline. When connecting the bus bars between distribution boxes and distribution cabinets, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the bus bar is too close to other devices or shells, and pay attention to the correct phase.


5、 After the control line is calibrated, simmer each core wire into a circle, and connect it to each terminal board with galvanized screws, eyeglasses and spring pads. One terminal on each side of terminal board is generally pressed with one wire, and more than two wires shall be pressed, and eye ring shall be added between the two wires. Multiple strands of wire shall be rinsed and no broken shares are allowed.


  1. Control circuit inspection: check whether the line is loose due to transportation and other factors, fasten them one by one, and whether the electrical components are damaged. Generally, the control lines of distribution cabinet and distribution box are checked at the factory. The line in the cabinet shall not be adjusted independently. If any problem is found, contact the supplier.
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