Have you seen the order conditions of lighting distribution box?

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PXT lighting distribution box is suitable for building lighting and small power control circuits of apartments, high-rise buildings, ports, stations, airports, warehouses, factories, mines, enterprises and civil construction projects. It is suitable for indoor lighting and power distribution lines with AC 50Hz, single-phase 240V, three-phase 415V and below, and total current 100A and below, as line overload protection, moderate protection and line switching.

The cabinet frame of the equipment can be welded or assembled and connected by screws. The cabinet frame and shell shall have sufficient mechanical strength and rigidity, and shall be able to bear the mechanical stress and thermal stress generated by the installed elements and short circuit, and consideration shall be given to prevent the formation of magnetic path that can cause large eddy current loss. At the same time, the performance of the equipment shall not be affected due to the hoisting and transportation of the equipment. In order to ensure anti-corrosion, the equipment shall be made of anti-corrosion materials or coated with anti-corrosion layer on the exposed surface, and the use and maintenance conditions shall also be considered.

When ordering products, the following documents shall be provided:

1) Primary system diagram.

2) Layout plan of distribution cabinet.

3) List of equipment in each cabinet (including model, specification and quantity).

4) Special requirements inconsistent with normal use conditions.

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