Function and understanding of auxiliary contact of AC contactor

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AC contactor is used to use the secondary circuit to control the primary control circuit of the power supply circuit!

The basic component of AC contactor!

The key current coil of AC contactor (there are two parts, one is stationary, the other is theme active) is sheathed with electromagnetic coil on the stationary part of streamline coil, the theme active streamline coil is connected with main outlet and auxiliary outlet, and then the casing is added.

In addition, the main outlet and auxiliary outlet are all composed of static contact and moving contact. To put it bluntly, the moving contact refers to the part that can be subject activity, and the static contact refers to the part that cannot be subject activity. The main contact is used according to the load current, and the auxiliary contact is generally used according to the operating current or other levels. The biggest difference between the main contact and the auxiliary contact is that In addition, the main contact and the auxiliary contact are all in the same step when they are in the same posture. In addition, the posture of the main contact and the auxiliary contact is also in the same posture. The main contact is only on and off, and the auxiliary contact is on and off and normally closed.

Therefore, it can not be said that the main contact is open and closed. Generally, the main outlet is located in the middle of the AC contactor, and the auxiliary outlet is located on both sides of the main contact. Generally, the auxiliary contact is used in the cross linkage control circuit of the AC contactor. Its current is based on the secondary current, and the current of the main contact is based on the primary current!

The main contact is connected to the three contacts of the motor or machine equipment, which is called the main contact. Auxiliary contact is the small contact around the AC contactor, which is called auxiliary contact, and it is connected to the control circuit. Also called self-sustaining contact.

This kind of contact in the AC contactor generally has a pair, that is, on and off, and normally closed. There are also two pairs.

Generally, the main contact is larger and the auxiliary contact is smaller. If it is as big or as small (generally it is unlikely to have such AC Contactors), then it is the same.

The general AC contactor is a long open and long closed two kinds of fusion together to be more powerful.

It does not mean that the long open contact is the main contact. The key still depends on the function. Some long open contacts are main contacts, and some long closed contacts are main contacts.

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