Factors determining the price of MCCB

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    When you buy molded case circuit breakers, you often have a vague concept of the price of molded case circuit breakers, and you don't understand the pricing of the products. Let's explain the factors that determine the price of molded case circuit breakers.

    I. product quality and performance

    The molded case circuit breaker products with excellent quality and performance have long service life and reduce unnecessary maintenance problems after installation. Good MCCB products are based on the material and core technology of the product itself, the high-quality raw materials selected for production, the labor and material resources spent in product manufacturing and product technology innovation research are included in the price of the product itself, which is also the cause of the price difference of MCCB in the current market, and the market of different manufacturers Positioning, determine the upper and lower limits of different MCCB prices.

    Two. Manufacturers

    The manufacturer is also one of the factors that determine the price of MCCB. Now there are many MCCB manufacturers in China. It is reliable to choose some well-known manufacturers when purchasing, because these large manufacturers are strictly in accordance with the national production standards, and the selected materials are relatively high-quality, and the product price is naturally higher than those of small manufacturers. For customers who buy molded case circuit breakers for the first time, I recommend the great wall switch. The price of molded case circuit breakers is real, the products are reliable, and it is a trustworthy manufacturer.

    Three. Model

    We know that there are many types of molded case circuit breakers, and the same type of molded case circuit breaker products have a variety of rated currents, such as 16a, 25A, 32a.40a.50a. In DZ47 series, the rated current amperes are 16a, 25A, 32a.40a.50a. The prices of different types of molded case circuit breakers are different, while the prices of the same type of molded case circuit breakers vary with the rated current, so the molded case circuit breakers should be considered when purchasing Select the most appropriate model of molded case circuit breaker, and select the most cost-effective molded case circuit breaker products.

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