Energy saving distribution box: "don't be careless, lose me"

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Too high temperature will reduce the life of the electrical equipment in the energy-saving distribution board


The upper limit of ambient temperature of electrical equipment designed and manufactured according to national standard shall not exceed 40 ℃. Due to the direct sunlight of the sun, the reflection of the heat from the cement floor, and the heating of the equipment in the box, the temperature in the box sometimes exceeds 60 ℃.


Usually, fuses and other equipment are set between the incoming and outgoing lines of the distribution box and its bus. In case of lightning strike, the incoming and outgoing fuses fuse first, and the overall lightning protection of the distribution box is lost. Many distribution boxes are damaged by lightning every year. It is recommended to install zinc oxide arrester on each input and output line side of the distribution board.


Improper use of products increases the failure rate of distribution box


It is recommended to choose excellent low resistance products (such as low resistance fuse). It can not only reduce the loss, but also reduce the concentrated heat in the distribution board and prolong the life of the equipment. In addition, the safety margin of some equipment should be increased appropriately. Due to the high ambient temperature in the box, the residual load flow of the wire does not change, so the rated current of the molten material of a specification must be greatly expanded. If the size of the fuse is properly expanded, the probability of base burning will be reduced.


The distribution board is used without inspection, causing potential safety hazard


The products provided by the equipment manufacturer have been strictly inspected before leaving the factory. However, due to the shaking and vibration during loading and unloading, some connecting bolts are loosened to a certain extent after the site, and the lead connector may overheat immediately after the distribution board leaves the factory. It is recommended to check and repair before delivery.


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