Does the plastic case circuit breaker itself have isolation function ?

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Yes. Plastic housing refers to the use of plastic insulators as the shell of the device, used to isolate between conductors and grounding metal parts.

Molded case circuit breaker can automatically cut off the current when the current exceeds the jump setting. Plastic case circuit breakers usually contain thermomagnetic trip units, while large plastic case circuit breakers are equipped with solid state trip sensors. The release unit is divided into thermal magnetic release and electronic release. The rated current has the following types:

15A, 25A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A, 80A, 100A, 125A,160A, 200A, 225A, 250A, 315A, 350A, 400A, 500A, 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A,1600A

Plastic case circuit breaker is also called device circuit breaker. All parts are sealed in plastic case, auxiliary contacts, undervoltage trippers and shunt trippers are modularized. Because of its compact structure, the plastic case circuit breaker can hardly be repaired. Most of them are operated manually and electrically operated in large capacity. Due to the application of electronic overcurrent tripper, plastic case circuit breaker can also be divided into A and B types. B type has good three-stage protection characteristics, but due to price factors, the market share of A type products using thermal magnetic tripper is higher. Plastic case circuit breaker is a kind of non-selective circuit breaker with contacts, arc extinguishing chambers, trippers and operating mechanism installed in a plastic case. Generally, maintenance is not considered and it is suitable for protection switch of branch circuit. Overcurrent tripper has two types: thermomagnetic and electronic. Generally, thermomagnetic case circuit breaker is a non-selective circuit breaker with only long overload delay and short overload. There are two kinds of instantaneous protection modes for road. The electronic plastic case circuit breaker has four protection functions: long overload delay, short short circuit delay, instantaneous short circuit and ground fault. Some new products of electronic plastic case circuit breakers also have regionally selective interlocking function. Most plastic case circuit breakers are operated manually, and some are operated with motor.

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