Differences between Miniature Circuit Breakers and Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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1. Moulded case circuit breaker can be connected to thicker conductors, such as more than 35 square meters. Miniature circuit breakers are only suitable for connecting conductors less than 10 square meters.

2. The end of moulded case circuit breaker is connected by nut, which is easy to be pressed and has good contact. Miniature circuit breakers adopt smaller tightening terminals, and can only be tightened with screwdriver. The torque is not enough, it is not easy to tighten, and the contact is not good.

3. Moulded case circuit breaker protects overcurrent and short circuit by two sets of devices respectively. The action value of overcurrent protection can be adjusted manually. Miniature circuit breakers share a set of devices for over-current and short-circuit, and the current is not adjustable.

4. Moulded case circuit breaker has large phase distance, arc extinguishing cover, strong arc extinguishing ability, can withstand larger short-circuit current, and is not easy to cause short-circuit between phases. Life expectancy is also longer.

5. The action sensitivity of miniature circuit breaker is higher than that of moulded case circuit breaker.

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