Custom Distribution Cabinet

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The switchgear is designed according to IEC standard. The structural layout and electrical performance of the compartment are fully maintained.

Product characteristics

1. The appearance is novel, smooth, concise, even tone, thick and harmonious proportion.

2. It has simple and reliable "five prevention" interlocking function to prevent misoperation

3. The secondary trunking in high voltage room is protected by all metal, which makes the operation more safe and reliable.

4. It has more humanized man-machine interface and explosion-proof operation

5. It can be equipped with electric chassis and electrical grounding switch, and the mechanical interlocking can automatically switch to meet the requirements of power distribution automation.

Other instructions

1. Structure

The product consists of two parts: cabinet and central extractable part (i.e. trolley). The cabinet is divided into four separate compartments. The degree of protection of the enclosure is IP4X and that of each compartment is IP2X. It has the functions of overhead inlet and outlet pipelines, cable inlet and outlet pipelines and other functional schemes. After permutation and combination, it can be a distribution device of various schemes. The switch device can be installed, debugged and maintained from the front, so that the switch device can be installed back-to-back to form a double row wall, which improves the safety and flexibility of the switch device and reduces the floor area.

2. Shell and others

The switch cabinet shell is made of imported aluminized zinc thin steel plate, processed by CNC machine tool and multi-channel bending process, which not only has high precision, strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, but also has light overall weight, high mechanical strength and beautiful appearance compared with other similar equipment cabinets. The cabinet body adopts assembly structure, which is connected by rivet nut and high strength bolt. It has the advantages of short production cycle, strong versatility of parts, small occupation area and convenient organization of production.

3. Trolley

The trolley frame is composed of thin steel plate processed by CNC machine tool. The insulation coordination between handcart and cabinet is safe and reliable, and the mechanical interlocking is safe, reliable and flexible. According to different uses, handcart can be divided into circuit breaker handcart, Pt handcart, metering handcart and isolation handcart. All kinds of handicrafts can be replaced according to the modules and building blocks, and the handicrafts of the same specification can be interchanged. The handcart has a disconnect / test position and a working position in the cabinet. Each position has a positioning device to ensure reliable interlocking and must be operated in accordance with interlock anti misoperation procedures. All kinds of handicrafts are pushed and pulled out by shaking the screw. The operation is light and flexible. When the trolley needs to leave the cabinet, a special transport vehicle can be used to conveniently take out the trolley for various inspection and maintenance. Due to the use of the central type, the whole trolley is small in size, which is very convenient for inspection and maintenance.

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