Contact material of CJX2 AC contactor

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Most of the contacts of CJX2 AC contactor are made of silver alloy.


Contact system: contact is the performing part of contactor, including main contact and auxiliary contact. The function of the main contact is to connect and break the main circuit to control large current, while the auxiliary contact is in the control circuit to meet the requirements of various control modes.


Contact system maintenance:


1. Check whether the dynamic and static contact positions are aligned, and whether the three phases are closed at the same time. If there is any problem, adjust the contact spring;


2. Check the wear degree of the contact. The wear depth shall not exceed 1 mm. If the contact is damaged by burning, it shall be replaced in time when the welding is started. If the contact is slightly damaged, it will not affect the operation. It is not allowed to use sandpaper when cleaning the contact, but a shaping file should be used;


3. Measure the insulation resistance between phases, and the resistance value shall not be less than 10m Ω;


4. Check whether the auxiliary contact action is sensitive, the contact stroke should meet the specified value, check whether the contact is loose or falling, and repair or replace it in time when problems are found.

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