Connection of 220V AC contactor ?

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The working voltage of contactor coil, 380 or 220V, and what do you do? How much current should the main contact be? For example, the working voltage of 3210 type 220 coil, the maximum current of the main contact is 32, but the current through 32A will deteriorate quickly, and the current through 25 is the best. The coil is the A1 A2 A2 on the contactor. The two A2 are connected to the power cord. Only A1 and any A2 can be connected to the coil.

The working principle of AC contactor is to make use of electromagnetic force and spring elastic force to realize the connection and breaking of contacts. There are two working states of AC contactor: power loss state (release state) and power gain state (action state). When the attraction coil is electrified, the static iron core produces electromagnetic attraction, the armature is absorbed, and the connecting rod connected with the armature drives the contacts to move, so that the normally closed contactor breaker is in the state of electrification; when the attraction coil is cut off, the electromagnetic attraction disappears, the armature is opened again, so that the normally opened contacts are closed, and all contacts are released under the action of the position spring. Then the contactor is reset and the contactor is out of power.

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