Compared with contactless regulator, which regulator is more reliable?

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    Carbon brush regulator is produced by friction between carbon brush and wire package, which is loss. The core components are compensating transformer and multi-level stepless voltage regulator package produced by Taiwan technology, which can withstand 150% impulse current.

    Contactless regulator is composed of various electronic components. This series of regulators take the advantages of traditional electronic AC, induction and magnetic saturation regulators and adopt compensatory technology. Therefore, they have large capacity, high efficiency, wide range of voltage regulation, no phase shift, no waveform distortion, strain time, fast and stable voltage regulation, etc. Characteristic, for capacitive, inductive and resistive load can be adapted.

    Contactless voltage regulator is a new product which combines the research and development of voltage regulator with contact point. It inherits all good performance and eliminates the shortcomings of voltage regulator with contact point. Therefore, compared with the two, the voltage stabilization effect of contactless regulator will be better.

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