Cheap distribution box "small problems should be solved in time"

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The electrical components, instruments, switches and circuits of cheap distribution box must be arranged neatly, installed firmly and easy to operate; The cabinet (box) must be free of dust, water and debris.


The bottom of cabinet (box) installed on the floor should be 50-100 mm away from the floor; The center height of the operating handle is generally 1.2-1.5m; There is no obstacle within the range of 0.8-1.2m in front of the cabinet (box).


There should be no exposed load outside the cabinet (box); Electrical components must be installed on the outer surface of cabinet (box) or distribution board, and must have reliable display protection.


If there is a fault or abnormal operation, use the protection circuit to cut off the circuit or give an alarm. The measuring instrument can display various measuring parameters, and adjust some electrical parameters to indicate or send out the deviation from the normal working state. Commonly used in various power generation, distribution and substation.

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