Causes of contact overheating of AC contactor

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In the use of AC contactor, it will be found that the main contact of the product is overheated. In view of this abnormal phenomenon, the manufacturer of AC contactor explains the reasons for this abnormal phenomenon in detail, mainly as follows:

I. during the closing process of AC contactor, the closing is too slow or there is stagnation, the contact stops at the edge position, and there is no good contact with the contact position, resulting in the contact overheating due to poor contact during operation. Or because the contact of the AC contactor indicates that you have serious oxidation, which makes the contact resistance increase and the current passing through increase, so that the main contact is overheated.

2. The main contact of the AC contactor is frequently affected by the starting current, which causes the temperature of the main contact to rise under the frequent impact, resulting in overheating; or the main contact passes through the overload current for a long time, which has a great burden on the main contact and can also cause overheating.

III. The main contact body of the AC contactor has poor high temperature resistance, so it is easy to overheat when the AC contactor is running. The main contact with strong resistance to fusion welding can be selected to ensure the reliability of operation.

IV. there is a short-circuit point on the load side, and the short-circuit current passes through the main contact when the AC contactor is closed; or the three-phase main contact of the AC contactor is not synchronized when it is closed, and a two-phase main contact is impacted by the huge starting current, which causes the main contact to overheat under the impact.

The manufacturer of AC contactor reminds the user that the maintenance of AC contactor products should be carried out regularly. In the process of maintenance, abnormal problems of AC contactor can be found and solved in time. If problems are difficult to solve, the manufacturer of AC contactor can be contacted for consultation so as to complete the maintenance work efficiently and improve the reliability of AC contactor.

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