Brief Introduction To The Installation Method Of Household Distribution Box Wiring Diagram

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Wiring diagram of household distribution box:

1. For the first time, the wiring of the distribution box depends on the design of the wiring diagram of the household distribution box. Don't confuse the zero line and the live line. If both of them are wrong once, it will not generate power and cause misunderstanding. In fact, whether it is connected to the positive or negative, because of the role of GFCI, it will have to make the line of action of the zero line and the fire line, because many of the internal zero line leakage switches are in When the door is opened or closed, it is not only the fire zero line, but also the fire line zero line. As for how to distinguish the two, you can see that GFCI is generally marked. If it is the letter N, then it represents the zero line. Switch cabinet is an electrical equipment. The external line of the switch cabinet enters the main control switch in the cabinet first, and then enters the sub control switch. Each branch circuit is set according to its needs. For example, instruments, automatic control, motor, magnetic switch, various AC contactors, etc., some of them are equipped with high-voltage room and low-voltage room switch cabinet, with high-voltage bus, such as power plant, and some are also equipped with low cycle load shedding to ensure the main equipment. The power distribution cabinet distributes the electric energy of a circuit of the upper power distribution equipment to the nearest load. This equipment shall provide protection, monitoring and control of the load. According to the electrical wiring, the switchgear, measuring instruments, protective electrical appliances and auxiliary equipment are required to be assembled in closed or semi enclosed metal cabinet or on the screen to form a low-voltage distribution box. In normal operation, the circuit can be connected or disconnected by manual or automatic switch.

2. For different application scope of distribution box, the method is different wiring. The wiring diagram of household distribution box is relatively simple, which can be understood by ordinary people learning physics. If a local power plant construction or household distribution box wiring diagram is available, it is not that ordinary people can not understand it. If it is installed in the household distribution box, you need to buy the household line, which has nearly 4 million square meters, and is connected to the household drainage pipe through the door of the main switch. The hot wire of the switch is selected and connected to the switch in each room through the wire. Because the zero line is common, it is enough to give it to each room separately. Is it easy?

3. Before installing the household distribution box, ensure the completion of the purchase, and then measure the working voltage and rated current quantity of the home circuit, which is similar to the device according to the structure of the distribution box in the home circuit, and a family's redesign of the wiring diagram of the distribution box. The construction and installation are carried out in the wiring diagram of the household distribution box. Therefore, the whole process is down and the installation is very convenient The indication of electric box wiring diagram will make you get twice the result with half the effort. About installing circuit devices, or looking for a special main installation, after all, electricity is a very dangerous thing, not just touching!

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