Application Safety Of Distribution Box And Switch Box

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Application safety of distribution box and switch box:

1. It should be installed firmly to facilitate actual operation and maintenance.

2. For the floor mounted distribution box and switch box, the set address should be flat and higher than the road surface, and dirt should not be accumulated around it.

3. The three-phase five wire port and group outlet should be built at the bottom or side of the box. The transformer grounding wire of the switching power supply should be threaded through the conduit and provided with moisture-proof elbow.

4. The transmission lines in the box shall be well insulated, orderly arranged, fixed firmly, and the edges of the transmission lines shall be connected with screws or sockets.

5. The distribution box with three control circuits shall be equipped with main switch and separate switch. Each branch knife switch can not be connected with two or two left and right electrical equipment, and should not be used by two or two working groups.

6. The distribution box with integrated lighting and driving force shall be equipped with knife switch or other kinds of power switch respectively.

7.The AC contactor, knife switch, power switch and other electrical equipment installed in the distribution box and switch box should be easy to handle and touch well. The circuit breaker should not have serious crevice corrosion. In China, the production of electric power engineering weapon equipment and electric power engineering manufacturing industry has developed. The annual increase in installed capacity of power generation is greater than 8%, and it is estimated that the installed capacity will reach 800 million KW by 2020.

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