An environment where the electric ready board can be used normally

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The installation and use of the electric ready board must be carried out under specific environmental conditions to ensure safe and stable operation. The following are some environmental conditions to ensure that the electric ready board can be used normally:

Indoor installation: electric ready boards are usually installed indoors or in a sheltered place to avoid direct exposure to the outdoor environment.

Good ventilation: The environment where the electric ready board is located should have good ventilation to prevent overheating and moisture.

Low humidity: Avoid using the electric ready board in a humid environment to prevent electrical components from getting wet, causing short circuits or damage.

Moderate temperature: Keep the electric ready board within a suitable temperature range to avoid the impact of high or low temperatures on electrical components.

No corrosive substances: Make sure there are no chemically corrosive substances around the electric ready board to avoid damaging the electric ready board and its internal components.

No Dust and Dirt: Clean the electric ready board regularly to prevent dust accumulation that affects electrical contact and heat dissipation.

Safety distance: A certain safety distance should be maintained around the electric ready board to prevent maintenance and safety hazards.

Ensuring that these environmental conditions are met can effectively ensure the normal use and safety of the electric ready board.

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