AC contactor in operation

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AC contactor operation, inevitably cause noise, but the general harm is not big, there is a sound because of the transformer iron core polar waste caused by the pull-in vibration, if the vibration is not big, it is not easy to have an impact on the power circuit.

Generally, there is a lot of vibration and noise, most of which are dust and oil stains on the surface between the electromagnetic coil and armature in the AC contactor, or loose tightening screws. Open the AC contactor, clean the surface with cloth, and tighten the screws.

The reasons and solutions of the very loud noise caused by AC contactor in operation are as follows:

1. The first reason is that the short-circuit ring of the pull-in armature is broken. The function of the "short-circuit ring" is to keep the sound when the magnetic field of the current is zero, and there is a certain adsorption force in the middle of the armature, so as to eliminate the vibration between the dynamic and static transformer cores. Therefore, if the short-circuit ring is damaged, it will vibrate and cause noise.

The solution is to replace the short circuit ring.

2. The second reason is the "interface" in the middle of the armature. The sound in the middle of the armature is polluted by the environment. If it is not clean, it will also cause noise.

The solution is very simple, just wipe it clean, but pay attention not to cause deep scratches in the middle of the "interface".

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