LR9 Overload relays Electronic thermal overload relays for F contactors

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LR9 electronic protection relays are especially suited to the operating conditions of motors.
They provide protection against:
thermal overload of 3-phase or single-phase balanced or unbalanced circuits;
phase failure and large phase unbalance,
protracted starting times,
prolonged stalled rotor condition.

LR9 electronic protection relays are mounted directly below LC1 F type contactor. They cover a range from 30 to 630 A, in eight ratings.
The settings can be locked by sealing the transparent protective cover. Areset button is mounted on the front of the relay.
Two versions are available:
simplified version: class 10: LR9*3** , class 20: LR9 *5**,
complete version: class 10, 10 A or class 20, selectable, conforming to
EN 60947-4-1: LR9**.
This latter version includes an alarm function which makes it possible to forestall tripping by load shedding.

Simplified version: class 10 or 20



Rated or scale of rated current(A) aM(A) gG(A) Model of contactor Model
10 class        
30~50 50 80 F115- F185 LR9-5357
48~80 80 125 F115- F185 LR9-5363
60~100 100 200 F115- F185 LR9-5367
90~150 160 250 F115- F185 LR9-5369
132~220 250 315 F185- F400 LR9-5371
200~330 400 500 F225- F505 LR9-7375
300~500 500 800 F225- F500 LR9-7379
380~630 630 800 F400- F630
20 class        
30~50 50 80 F115- F185 LR9-5557
48~80 80 125 F115- F185 LR9-5563
60~100 100 200 F115- F185 LR9-5567
90~150 160 250 F115- F185 LR9-5569
132~220 250 315 F185- F400 LR9-5571
200~330 400 500 F225- F500 LR9-7575
300~500 500 800 F225- F500 LR9-7579
380~630 630 800 F400-F630


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