Railway application vacuum circuit breaker

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Railway application vacuum circuit breaker

Outdoor Single Phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker


have developed the RVB series of outdoor vacuum circuit breakers using modern processing technology and computer-aided design techniques, combined with the latest generation insulation technology and compact design make whole product light and save volume. RVB ordinary outdoor vacuum circuit breakers, spring actuator comes standard with a mechanical design life of 20,000 times. The RVB(S) series automatic circuit reclosers integrates the functions of control, protection measurement,communication, fault detection, on-line monitoring of closing or opening.


all series switches meet the following criteria:
ANSI/IEEE C37.60/IEC 62271-100
(GB1984-2003 China standard)
GBT11022-1999 China Standard
IEC 60255-11
IEC 60255-21-1 Class I
IEC 60255-21-2 Class I
IEC 60255-21-3 Class I
IEC 60255-22-1 Class III
IEC 60255-22-2 Class IV
IEC 60255-22-3 Class III
IEC 60255-22-4 Class IV

Mechanism of Railway VCB

10,000 times mechanical life spring mechanism,provide with voltage options:DC and AC 110/220V for opening and trip coils.DC and AC 110/200V for motor and auxiliary heater or temperature and humidity control.

Primary busbar terminal direct connected bolted with the interrupter to reduce unnecessary power losses Vacuum interrupter (APG process using solid-solid insulating sealing technology, plus silicone rubber molding compound technology to improve the overall switch environmental performance) Extensible outlet bushing (plus modular design, which will help increasing insulation margin of creepage distance from further requirements)

RVB series vacuum Circuit Breaker rejection of the traditional switch design concepts, will absorb some of the advanced design concepts, simplifying the overall transmission mode switch, greatly reducing the transmission power loss of this switch makes switching better overall performance and longer life. Makes the whole body switches provide a higher life expectancy, more stable mechanical properties.RVB provides up to 10,000 mechanical operations 5,000 maintenance-free operations.


●Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃, the daily average temperature: 25 ℃; Altitude: ≤ 3000m (inexcess of the value of technical discussions with the Division I); Wind speed: 35m / s;
●Earthquake intensity: not more than 8 degrees;
●Daily average ambient air relative humidity ≤ 95%, on average ≤ 90%;
●Saturated vapor pressure of daily mean values ≤ 2.2 × 10-3Mpa, on average ≤ 1.8 × 10-3Mpa; For
●Unusual environmental conditions, please consult with the manufacturer.

Main technical data

N Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage kV 27.5/31.5
2 Rated current A 1250/1600/2000/2500
3 Rated capacitor bank breaking current A 400/600/800
4 Rated frequency Hz 50/60
5 Power frequency 1 min Dry kV 110
Wet 95
6 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) KV 185/200
7 Rated short circuit breaking current KA 25/31.5
8 Rated Full Fault Breaking Duty times 30
9 Rated making current KA 63/80
10 Rated short current switching current(peak) KA 63/80
11 Rated peak value withstand current KA 63/80
12 4s short time withstand current KA 25/31.5
13 Rated operate sequence   O-0.3S-CO-180s-CO
14 Mechanism life times 20000
15 Complete breaking time ms ≤100
16 Opening time Highest operate voltage ms 15~50
Rated operate voltage ms 15~50
Lowest operate voltage ms 30~60
17 Closing time ms 25~50
18 Contact closing bounce time ms ≤3
19 Out of simultaneity of contact switching ms ≤2
20 Contact overtravel on Opening mm ≤2
21 Weight kg ≤250kg
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